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deanfreakinsolo requested: hey can you do an au where stiles and Derek get high together?/ x, x, x, x, x, x


#au where the gang are hipsters in brooklyn #scott’s maybe got a band who are totally gonna make it #(but until then he sells a little pot on the side and works in a vegan cafe) #allison’s got a trust fund but she’s not a brat and everyone love her #especially scott who falls for her as soon as she comes in the cafe #stiles lives with scott #he gets annoyed when people think his glasses are for fashion #when really he can’t see shit without them #(the plaid shirts are totally a statement though because he likes them) #lydia’s the park ave princess who crosses the bridge because the cafe is the only place that does decent vegan muffins #erica plays bass in scott’s band and is a bike messenger to make ends meet #she shares an apartment with boyd and isaac #and laura is their landlord #her and derek have been in brooklyn forever and never moved #and now derek glares at all the hipsters that have moved in #because he really hates them #(he thinks stiles is the perfect example of a hipster and hates that he can’t stop staring at him) #(and stiles is disgusted with himself for crushing on the dude who wears a leather jacket in a vegan cafe) #(though if stiles is honest with himself he kind of admires the dude’s guts because finstock is wicked crazy about veganism) #oh god these tags got away from me (via heroderekhale)


I’ve had this post open on my dash for weeks now, because every time I see Crystal in her hats I get all these feels for some sort of Ladies of the Canyon Scott/Allison AU that I kept thinking I’d never write.  And so I was going to write up the not!fic under this post and then put it away.  Only the not!fic kept growing in my head and moonwasours and heidi8 were like, “or you could write it” so I might be writing it for TWBB?  


Neil young 1970. After the Gold rush.


tw femslash week 

day six: polyamorous 

Allison/Erica/Lydia: After the three survive and graduate Beacon Hills, the trio go on a cross country road trip filled with hours of driving, laughter, greasy food, songs, star gazing, and love.

The three girls laid on the small twin bed, Lydia and Allison curled up on either side of Erica. They were listening to the constant horns and shouts of the city that never sleeps. 14 stories down the world was seemingly buzzing with life; But for the banshee, hunter, and werewolf, life was completely still.

"Hey Allison," Erica started softly, twirling a lock of the soft brunette hair with her finger.


"I’m glad we’re all here." 


They’re so married, GOSH.
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They’re so married, GOSH.

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